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Brand Activation Ideas and Case Studies for Events

Learn how to enhance brand activation and event engagement with a social wall

Brand street participation

As event attendees purchased caps onsite they were encouraged to Tweet pictures with #SpeakWithYourCap showing off the latest and greatest caps virally, drawing in the wider marketplace to seek out New Era stores and webshop.

Promote Fan Engagement

Event participants were invited to 'run' for their team in the bungee run and to Tweet their support on the massive TweetWall, which brought in people near and far, to participate in New Era's brand street activation.

Increase Brand Exposure

Sparking competition and team support, an engaging Twitter Wall battle was displayed providing opportunities for fans to lead their team to victory via the virtual scoreboard increasing brand awareness.

Integrate Campaign Globally

With the integration of the contest feature, event participants were driven to Tweet even more, increasing the conversation and brand exposure for the NFL and New Era exponentially which included being a Top Trend on Twitter. Every 30 minutes an onscreen countdown was displayed picking a winner at random from all who had engaged socially.

Increase Social Followers

An online TweetWall was used to capture online viewers, creating a fully integrated approach to New Era’s campaign and sparking team spirit worldwide.

Live Social Wall activations were placed in store, online, and alongside pop up retail events with chances for participants to win prizes for following brand Twitter accounts and joining in the #SpeakwithYourCap campaign, increasing community engagement

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"The social wall has been a real success. We had amazing participation. It has been really easy for consumers to get involved."Laurence Joslin, Marketing Director, EMEA @ New Era Cap

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Interact with followers

Designed to connect a mass audience with Twitter‘s cofounder, Biz Stone, the Imaginat10n project called for millions of Twitter users to submit photos via Canon’s website using the hashtag #inspireBiz.

Curate Key Social Content

With millions of Tweets and images coming in, BIz Stone was able to quickly select "favorites" in the live stream of photos appearing in our social wall tool, which were then immediately shared via the TweetWall.

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"The guys at @tweetwallpro are making this day awesome! Thanks guys!"Biz Stone, Co-Founder of Twitter @ Twitter

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Promote Interaction With Speakers

Using the tweetwall or social wall as means for asking questions, the audience was encouraged to send their questions and comments to the speakers. Session moderators filtered through the social content to pick the most engaging questions for the speakers. 

Get Real-time Feedback

Integrating real time voting and multiple choice question, participants were given the chance to provide immediate feedback and see the results.


Make Social Connections

Through the engagement of conversation around specific conference seminar topics, Twitter users are connected with a global audience with similar interests, sparking new social connections, conversations, and community engagement.

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"You are not dealing with it on your own, you have someone working with you all along which is really good customer service."Hilary Newton, Head of Conference Programme @ Mobile World Congress

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Drive Brand Engagement

Driving engagement directly with Kia, a strategically placed tweetwall and custom brand hashtag was used alongside the Australian Open. The audience was provided various call to actions to drive conversation. The large single message display provided instant recognition for the Twitter user on a Kia branded display, reinforcing the brand.

Integrate Brand Advertisement

With subtle interruptions, the Advertisement feature was used every 30 minutes to launch a brief brand message.


Create Custom Social Wall Design

New to the use and design of a social wall, the agency left the design process to TweetWall Pro. With a basic brief and brand guidelines, a custom fully integrated social wall was created.

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"We chose TweetWall Pro because of their experience in working globally. There was a lot of interaction between the screen, the crowd, and the brand! It was great!"Kate West, Digital Producer @ We are Social

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Increase Twitter Activity

Driving increased Twitter conversation and competition dynamic leaderboards, including the top 3 Tweeters and the most ReTweeted Tweets were displayed throughout the show.

Create a Twitter Poll

Gauging the popularity of the Voice candidates, TV viewers were invited to Tweet using a unique hashtag for each candidate, providing real time dynamic results!


Display Live Social Stats

Driving an increase in Twitter activity, a virtual TweetGraph was created, illustrating key peaks in conversation to coincide with live TV show moments. Real-time stats included Twitter reach and Tweet volume.

Set Twitter Trend

With the opportunity to set a trend on Twitter the significant focus on the Twitter activity sent the hashtag viral and sparked trending status on Twitter.

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"Thanks to Twitter activity peaks we will know that Twitter users prefer talking about one thing over another. We can use this data to help understand what works best."Adrien Devyver - Co-Host @ The Voice

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Manage Social Volume

To share more social content, multiple messages were displayed on screen. Community managers were able to filter content in moderation to focus on keywords, users, and/or pictures to select the most captivating social posts

Generate Sponsorship Revenue

Providing a contemporary sponsorship opportunity, sponsors were offered the chance for their branding and brand messages to be integrated into the Social Wall using advertising and promotion features.  

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"The social wall was a success and the result was great for this show. We are satisfied!"Ignace Blanco, Digital Marketing and Social Media Manager @ Midem Vox Pop

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Increase Social Conversation

Recognizing the power of social media, The Open organizers displayed the tournament hashtag and Twitter account on signage and online throughout the tournament.  The live social feed displayed on over 400 screens using a ticker style design to post along live coverage and news bulletins, creating a Social Hub.

Display Key Social Content

With significant social volume for #TheOpen, social filters were essential to select the most relevant and interesting posts. Public Twitter lists were used to automatically curate social conversation from pro-golfers such as Rory McILroy.

Communicate to Event Attendees

With onscreen real-estate filled with live video of the the tournament and sponsor advertisement, space for communicating to the audience, was limited. With the use of Social Wall Pro's announcement feature, scrolling messages were posted for weather warnings and other spectator communications. 


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"The Ticker has been running all morning to great effect, thanks. Been putting out a weather warning because of the heat amongst the Tweets along with spectator advice which is excellent!"Huw Stark from c3ievents @ The Open

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Draw Attention to Speakers

To highight comments from European Ombudsmen, their social messages were displayed in contrasting color to all other user content. 


Invite External Participants

With the integration of a Twitter wall and the power of social media, citizens were invited virtually to take part in the debate and share comments via the event hashtag.

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"The social wall was not an added-value to the conference, it was part of it !"Marc Amir-Tahmasseb, Webmaster @ The European Ombudsman Office

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Federate a community

Members of staff, students, parents, friends or supporters of schools, all these people are invited to support their choice by sending a photo, a video or a simple comment via social networks. The messages accepted via manual moderation are displayed on the screens distributed on the 5 sites of the different schools. More than 11,000 messages were sent while the student population is 2,000 students! It's a real community that was created around the contest.

A custom wall, modular but flexible

Using the tool, it is possible to open or close the contest. Similarly, it is possible to display or not the results on a part of the screens. Many and very different screens are used according to the schools. The flexibility of the tool makes it possible to adapt to all needs and constraints.

Spirit of competition and amplification

The "Battle" mode putting in competition several hashtags is motivating. But beyond the fun aspect of the game, this mode mainly causes an amplification of the signal transmitted via the messages. The number of these was immediately multiplied for greater visibility. In this case, a national trend has been reached.

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"It went viral and #WEAREMV, was trending nationally. We had over 11,000 posts. And just as a frame of reference our student population is only 2000."William Stein, Director of Information Systems @ MSD of Mount Vernon

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