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Why Use a Social Wall?

Reach, connect, engage, and entertain as you earn sponsorship revenue

Display live social media content from a specific hashtag campaign onto a screen

Increase audience engagement

Whether it’s snapping a selfie, posting a comment, sending a question, or responding your live Q&A, your event attendee immediately becomes an active participant in your event, letting them spread the word and excitement for your event/brand on the live social display.

Connect and create a community

With increased conversation around event experiences and/or topics, attendees make social connections with each other, speakers, and/or your brand/event, growing your community.

With a comprehensive post event report of social activity, you capture all of the conversation to draw upon this new found community to extend the life of the event.


Reach a wider audience

With the integration of a social wall, participants are encouraged to share comments, pictures, and/or thoughts socially, increasing social volume over various platforms.

With an average of 208 followers per user on Twitter and an evergrowing Instagram community, an audience of 500 can easily reach 104K, creating a buzz for your event/brand activation, sending consumer experiences viral, which often results in a top Twitter trend.

Make your event fun!

Who doesn’t like to see their name in lights? As attendees see their comments and pictures on screen they can’t help but get excited!

With additional gamification features such as contests and leaderboards, event attendees have even more fun getting to that number one spot or winning a prize.



Event sponsorship

As an alternative to sponsoring a menu or the lanyards, why not generate sponsorship revenue with the integration of sponsors on your Social Wall?

With so many options, such as running an Advertisement, rotating logos, or even having social messages highlighted on your wall, why not give it a try?