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Quick Access

Create your own Live App Vanity URL

Vanity URLs and QR Code will help you to share a quick access to your Live App to your attendees. 

Choose a vanity URL related to your event. For example, if your event is related to the hashtag #WinterIsComing, you can create the vanity URL wall.live/WinterIsComing and share it to your attendees.


Easy to read, easy to remind, easy to share

You want to provide an easy way to use the Live App ? Book your own vanity URL and generate a QRCode.

Share the QRCode with your attendees by publishing it on the Social Networks, on your invitations (mail, newsletter, ...) or even on your posters during your event. Your attendees will just need to scan it with their smartphones to get access to the Live App.

You can also ask your attendees to visit the Quick Access page https://wall.live and enter your event code.