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Real-Time Live Stats of Social Media Statistics for your Social Wall

Real-time event social metrics

Assess real-time social metrics for your social wall.

As social content is curated via various social channels including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Web messages, and/or SMS you’ll see a real-time summary of set data, including the number of accepted and pending messages for each platform.

Use it to gauge how well your social strategy is working and look for signals to provide additional motivation - maybe by showing one of our Leaderboards or running a contest.

social wall live stats


Case Usage: Pernod Ricard - TransformToday

As part of the social campaign for Absolut Vodka transform today event, Absolut Brand Managers monitored the Live Social wall stats to view which hashtag (aka drink) was going to be the cocktail of the hour.  The leading hashtag was the featured drink for an hour! 


Case Usage: Great British Racing

With Instagram growth as a priority for social enagagement on raceday, Great British Racing Social Media Managers monitored in real time, social volume of #ChampionsDay on Instagram and Twitter on their live wall.  This allowed them to react accordingly to reach their goals. 


Use the live stats summary to see, at a glance, which social platforms are getting the most engagement at your event.


Make sure your event social wall is getting content specific to your event by choosing a unique event hashtag - then communicate it to your audience in every communication before and after your event, in addition to signage, badges and stationery on the day.