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Evaluate social metrics with a Post Event Report

Post event social metrics

We hope you like data as much as we do!

If so, you're going to love our Complete Post Event Report, which is included in our ProTool and Premium Service.

The report provides summary data on all social platforms used on your wall including:

  • The number of messages
  • List of all messages (approved and rejected)
  • Highlight of your Top Tweeters
  • Highlight of the Top ReTweeters
  • Breakdown of all activity by message platform - SMS, Twitter, web Message, hasthag, etc.
  • List of all shared pictures
  • Summary of the Reach

social wall analytics

These reports are an excellent way to identify brand/event ambassadors and can be used to achieve further engagement.

Follow and find users from inside the report, and with one click, directly connect with them on social to extend the conversation and engagement beyond the event.

Best of all, the report lives on your account forever, so you can access it and compare more and more data year after year!


Case Usage: Jazzercise UK

With three years running and usage of SocialWall Pro at their live fitness event, Jazzercise UK was able to visibly see the growth in social engagement year on year.  Starting 3 years ago with a reach of 10,000, events now have experienced a reach of nearly 1 million viewers! Definitely something to celebrate and support ROI of their event. 

Case Usage: Symrise

As part of the internal meeting for Symrise, event organizers requested that the audience used different hashtags for #Feedback, #question, and #ideas.   With the integration of these different hashtags the export of the all messages could easily be sorted and anaylzed. 


Use your post event report to identify your most influential users. Connect with them and continue to engage with them! One of our clients took this one step further, by sending their top influencers a bottle of champagne, thanking them for their support!

Social Media Tip

Just because your event is over, it doesn’t mean that the social conversation is too!

Keep up the momentum by sharing throwbacks from the event and liking or responding to the social conversation for days to come.