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Highlight Social Network activity - calling attention to key social content

Call attention to key social content

This unique SocialWall Pro feature lets you spotlight key Social messages.  

Set up triggers so that specific @usernames or keywords prompt highlighted messages, or individually select content as you moderate.  

Standard highlighting offers a choice between message avatars (profile pictures) that blink, or white flash, where the entire wall flashes as the relevant message appears.

If you want a different way to promote your own social messages, or those from your speaker/key influencer or sponsors, this is the way to do it!

If you want something more custom, see our custom highlights. 


Case Usage: Mobile World Congress

Every year at Mobile World Congress, the mobile industry’s largest conference, GSMA makes use of the custom highlight feature. Sponsors' Tweets appear in their own brand colors alongside Mobile World Live TV Broadcasting, reinforcing brand identity for sponsors and generating sponsorship revenue for GSMA.  

Case Usage: FICO Conference

To make sure their social media content wasn't missed, Fico used the Avatar highlighting option for all their Tweets and Instagram posts so that all messages from their account had a blinking profile picture. 


Promote event sponsors by calling attention to messages from their specific usernames. Choose from the two standard options already available, or work with our design team to create something extra special!


Promote your conference speaker social handles on your social wall.  As their posts appear, draw attention to them by making their profile picture blink.