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Sponsor Loop - Enhance sponsorship revenue with multiple sponsors

Rotate logos to display all your sponsors

Searching for ways to generate revenue through sponsorship for your event?

Have multiple sponsors who you need to impress? 

Then look no further - our Sponsor Loop is perfect for you!  

With your design requirements in mind, this feature showcases multiple sponsors in an impressive but efficient way. Only a small area of screen real estate is needed as logos appear one at a time, in rotation.

Whether you use it to boost your event budget or as an opportunity to thank all your event sponsors, a Sponsor Loop is guaranteed to make them all happy. 

Contact us today to include one on your social wall. 




Case Usage: Albuquerque Business Journal

To maintain a sleek social wall design, yet display and honor their sponsors, Albuquerque Busines Journal integrated a sponsor loop in their live social display.  

Case Usage: Miami International Film Festival

With a multitude of sponsors to thank each year for helping make the Miami International Film Festival a success, Social Wall Pro’s sponsor loop is a must have.  Their most recent event social wall effectively featured over 25 different sponsors.


Plan your event social wall well in advance to make sure you maximize your event sponsorship revenue. We have so many different ways to integrate sponsors, you could generate enough to pay for your social wall and even make a profit! Contact us to find out how.


Working with differnet levels of sponsors,  no problem, we can adjust the sponsor loop so that premium sponsors appear more than others!