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Promotion & Sponsorship

Event sponsorship ideas to monetize your social wall

Whether you are looking to generate revenue through a sponsor, or promote your own brand/event content, our sponsorship and promotion features are perfect for you.

From a simple sponsor logo placement to an entire tailoring of the Social Wall, we offer a selection of event marketing, sponsorship and promotion opportunities that can not only remove a social wall as a cost item, but can also turn it into a money making machine.

Aside from incorporating your company or sponsor's branding within your social wall design, there's also the following opportunities that you won't want to miss out on:

  • Advertisements - integrate images and/or video on your social wall.  Whether you are promoting your own brand, or sponsors, the tool is really simple.  Just upload the relevant content and then schedule it to launch.

  • Highlights  - Draw attention to social content from specified users, keywords and more. As a selected user's content appears on the social wall, their message is highlighted by either their profile picture blinking, or the whole wall flashing.

  • Custom Highlights - Have social messages from sponsors appear in a completely unique way to grab attention.  Use brand colors, have the Wall change to a sponsor's background, or talk to us about other possibilities and we'll bring your ideas to life.

  • Sponsor Loop - More than one sponsor? We can Incorporate a video loop in a designated area on screen that shows your sponsors' logos in rotation.  

  • Sponsored Gamification - Brand your contest and/or leaderboards with a sponsor.

With so many ways to spotlight your sponsors, there's really no excuse for missing the opportunity to add these elements to your event sponsorship packages to generate additional revenue - You benefit and your sponsors love the attention too!

To discover more ways to monetize your event, contact us today!




Case Usage: Mobile World Congress

Each year Mobile World Live offers contemprorary opportunites for sponsors to take the limelight on their social wall.  From highlighting their social messages to featuring a static logo, the social wall is an invaluable tool for generating sponsorship revenue. 

Case Usage: RTCA

RTCA had a problem.... they really wanted a social wall at their symposium, but being a non-profit, their budget was limited. Luckily they spoke to us about their dilemma and offered the social wall as a sponsorship item. American Airlines jumped at the opportunity and RTCA procured their social wall.


Identify the social usernames of your sponsors, so that you can promote and engage with them during the course of your event.  


Generate revenue from your social wall through the integration of sponsors.  Have a single sponsor or showcase multiple sponsors with our range of options.  You could end up, not only covering the cost of your social wall, but making a profit!