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Get and Create Content APIs

Enjoy the flexibility of our APIs

SocialWall Pro already has many uses, but your imagination and needs may be even more unique. Have specific hardware? A particular display? Want to be more autonomous? Etc.? Using our APIs to create your own content, could be the perfect option with our Get and Create Content APIs functionality:

- manage the display of your own Social Wall content, whether on your e-commerce website or on a device such as a jumbotron, on a building with 3D Mapping, a LED row or any original device
- create original content by yourself by providing an interface specific to your users.


Display as you want

With the Get Content API, retreive all the content collected by SocialWall Pro. In one API call, receive texts, images, videos to manage your own display.

Whether manual moderation is enabled or not, get all the accepted content that you can then display according to your own needs.




You own content

The Create Content API allows you to generate your own content by giving your tailor made user interface to your attendees.

Whether it's your own form on your website, a customized interface in your event's mobile app or content from your own software, the API will allow you to provide SocialWall Pro with texts, images, videos which can then be treated in our moderation interface similar to all other messages collected on social networks.

You are building or using your own Photo Booth system, let's interface with SocialWall Pro to deliver the best Social Wall exeperience to your event!




The JSON/REST APIs are very easy to use. Request your API key, consult our documentation and access the power of SocialWall Pro in a few lines of code.

Contact us for more information or to discuss about your specific needs.