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Design your Event Social Display

Design your event social display with our Social Wall tool and features. Adjust colors, integrate your company logo, brand identity and more.

With a range of social wall templates for both Basic and Pro users, there is sure to be a display template that works for your event.

Select  a Template 

We offer single or  multiple message social walls and/or special occasion templates to coordinate with your unique event look and feel.

Integrate Branding - Colors, Logo, Background

Our BasicTool lets you easily adjust colors using our color palette and applies the changes instantly, so you can see how it will appear on screen.  

With our ProTool, in addition to adjusting the color palette, simple brand integration is possible with the uploading of your event/brand logo and/or background to compliment your event design.  

Custom Design

For for full integration of your brand identity including fonts, additional imagery or an entirely unique look, our design team can work with you to create a custom design.   

No matter what you choose, we promise that your social wall will get noticed.

Choosing your template

It is important to consider your screen size, audience and wall placement, when determining a social wall. You want to make sure there is clear visibility and a good fit. 

Planning your design

Assemble marketing assets including logo and/or brand colors to be used in the design process. 


Gather your brand/event colors, logos, and imagery in advance of setting up your social wall, so everything is ready for uploading to your chosen template.  

#Creative Spark

Let your imagination run wild when you work with our design team! Social posts popping out of champagne bottles onto a label, or messages escaping from the exhaust pipes of a motorcycle… together we can make your interactive social wall come alive!