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Customize your social wall background with your brand/event identity

Customize your social wall background

Personalize the background of your social wall with the Background Upload option in our ProTool.  

This feature is a great way of reinforcing and coordinating with your company or event branding, or incorporating sponsors on your social wall. 

Simply design your background based on the display template you’ve chosen and then upload.

Background Upload feature for SocialWall Pro

For a more personalized social wall let our our design team work their magic usin our Premium Services. We’ll take the raw assets of your brand and create a custom background for you, or create a complete custom social wall display to take your brand activation or event social display to the next level.


Case Usage: Intel

For complete event integration a custom background with the event theme and branding was uploaded to the Twitter Like template. 

Case Usage: Starry Night

To integrate with the starry night theme of a client party, a custom background with stars was uploaded to the Pic Rotate 3D template. 


Design your social wall background to include sponsor logos.  Integrate one or more sponsors to generate revenue for your event or cover the cost of your live wall.    


Be sure to include your social handles and hashtags in the background design.  Use our hashtag field for simple option or add your own style and design in the background of the social wall.