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Embed a Social wall on your website & grow your social community

Embed a social wall on your website

Why not embed your social wall display on your website?

Whether it’s an extension of your event social wall, you are running a social media campaign, or you want to show user generated content about your products, we can help!


Using the embed social wall widget on your website, our system will generate a javascript code for your live social wall session. Simply use this code to the integrate your wall onto your web page of choice.


Social Wall Hub on Shell Website from


Embedding a social wall on your website is a great way to be able to share the live conversation from your event with those unable to attend, still allowing them to join in the discussion, or for an integrated social media campaign on your brand website.


The SocialWall website embeding feature is available in all our Plans starting the BasicTool one.


For added value this feature works really well alongside our web form to keep the content private, or to invite non social media users into the social conversation.



Case Usage: Shell

To display some of the best images shared via the  #OurFutureCity campaign for Shell, an interactive web display was created.  Social Media managers had the flexibilty to pick and choose the best images to display.     

Case Usage : Europe 1

Every day Europe 1 in Paris utilizes a embedded social wall alongside their live radio shows. Since the integration of the social wall on their website they’ve experienced significantly more engagement on social media as well as viewers on their website. People can engage directly on Twitter or via the custom web form. 


Extend the life of your event, by embedding your social wall on your website. Show it a few days prior to the event to start building excitement. Display it during the event for non event attendees and keep it on for a few days after to capture the post-event social conversation.


A social hub on your website is the perfect way to let your social community do the talking!  Pick your favorite posts to display and help show your customers that you are social!