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Choose a range of Social Wall Templates for your event

Whether you are looking for a single or multiple message display, or maybe something festive, we've got you covered. The difficulty might be in choosing which, out of over 22 beautiful social wall templates, is going to be the one you will use to display your event conversation.


How to choose your Social Wall template? 

When selecting a social wall template, it is good to consider the purpose of your wall, your audience and your display size.  

For smaller screens, one of our social wall templates that displays larger text usually works best, such as the Twitter Like or Trio.

For events that are likely to inspire attendees to share images and video, you might want to use more picture focused social walls, like our PIc Rotate 3D, or Message Grid.  

Something else to consider is the number of attendees. Smaller events don't tend to generate as many social media messages as larger events, so social walls that display one, two or three messages at a time might work better than something like Message Grid that displays many messages. 

We don’t think you will struggle to find one that’s just right for you, but if you have questions or are looking for something different with more integrated branding, get in touch as we'd love to help. 


Standard Templates 


Single message display

  • Wheel 
  • Basic slide 
  • Spotlight
  • Mosaic
  • Whirlwind
  • Twitter Like (ProTool)
  • Message Rotate (ProTool)
  • Rotate Full Screen (ProTool)
  • Cube (ProTool)
  • Ticker Style (ProTool) 
  • Flipboard Ticker (ProTool) 


Multiple Message Display

  • Message Grid
  • Pic Rotate 3D
  • Tiles Slider
  • Message Stack (ProTool)
  • Trio (ProTool) 
  • Portrait (ProTool)


Special Occasions

  • Christmas 
  • Party theme 
  • Wedding 
  • St. Patrick's day 
  • Halloween 

Case Usage: Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK chose the High Five template for their national March on Cancer event across 15 different cities.  The multi-message display was essential to share a volume of messages around the coutnry. 

Case Usage: Marina Bay Sands

With a major focus on the sharing of pictures alongside the Epicurean Market Activation Marina Bay Sands chose to use the Pic Rotate 3D template.  


When picking a Social Wall display it is important to think about the size of your screen and the proximity to your audience.  If the screen is smaller you may want to pick a template with bigger text or even a single message display so that your audience will be able to comfortably read the social messages.


As you think about your Social Wall display, you might want to contemplate integrating a sponsor in to your social wall.  With many ways to integrate sponsor logos and advertisements, there's bound to be an option that can tempt at least one them to cover the cost of your social wall or even generate additional revenue!