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Create a Brand social wall with your own logo

For simple brand integration, our ProTool allows you to upload a logo to your social wall.

Uploading your event, brand, or sponsor logo is very easy to do and you even have options to choose where it will appear within the background of your social wall, dependant on the template.


brand logo upload feature for SocialWall Pro


For a more personalized social wall upload a background using our ProTool or let our our design agency work their magic for a complete custom look with our Premium Services including your fonts, and full brand or event themes and imagery.



Case Usage: Cancer Research UK

For simple branding integration and to honor sponsors,  Cancer Resarch UK integrated their event logo alongside their sponsor logo. 

Case Usage: Microsoft

For simple braning reinforcement at their programming day, Microsoft uploaded their logo to our High Five social wall. 


Use your event logo as your profile picture for your social handles during your event to reinforce your event theme.


Offer your social wall as a sponsorship opportunity and then incorporate your sponsor’s logo into your social display, alongside your company or event logo! Simple!