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Curate your brand social content for a live Social Hub

Display a Social hub in your office, at your event, or your retail store to get the most out of social media.

Display posts from social networks for an overview of brand or event social conversation - great for company offices, staff lounges, retail stores and more.   

In an office employees can stay abreast of the social conversation around your brand, while visitors passing by your live social display are encouraged to join in the conversation!

At a live event, let your audience share their experiences and see their messages and photos on the wall!

With a permanent social display, it's easy to stay connected with your social community.  

Social hubs may be displayed on any type of screen and/or on your website.  See our website embed for an example or visit our Events Gallery for a live sample.



Social Wall Hub for ZTE from SocialWall Pro

For specific pricing and options for your own custom hub, contact us today.

Case Usage: Veritas Inc - PR

Veritas, Inc in Toronto has created their own unique social hub by displaying social chatter over 6 monitors in their offices.  Five screens illustrate brand conversation about their clients and RSS feeds and a sixth monitor has a dynamic display showing what is trending on Twitter in select markets. 

Case Usage: ZTE Mobile World Congress

To drive social conversation about their new technology, ZTE incoporated a live social hub and contest alongside their exhibition stand at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.  Once a day they conducted an interactive prize drawing, using our contest feature, rewarding one lucky winner with a new phone. 


Use a social hub to support your brand social campaign like Jack Wills, a British clothing retail store, did for their new denim line. Customers were invited to share pictures of themselves trying on jeans with the hashtag #JWTWEETTREAT for the chance to earn a free pair of socks. All the messages and images were showcased on screen in the front window of their store.