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Create a Private Social Wall with a Web Form for internal events

Sometimes an event calls for confidentiality, or sometimes your audience isn’t that social media savvy.... so you need something different to drive social engagement on your social wall. 

When should you use a Web Form for your event?"

A Web Form is a custom messaging platform that has been created to directly link with your social wall. The form can be accessed on a smartphone or tablet using our Live App, or it can be embedded within a page on your website. 

A web message system is great to use for internal events, where privacy is essential, or use it in addition to other social media platforms, like Twitter and Instagram and invite non socially savvy  folks to use it to quickly send messages and/or upload photos to your Social Wall.

With this platform, it's quick and easy for your event attendees to use their smartphones or tablets to post comments and share pictures. It’s a little like having our your own private Twitter, but the messages won’t appear in public.

All messages are streamed directly to our Moderation tools where you can decide to accept, reject, tag or save the message for later, or allow it to go straight to the live social display.

Use our standard form or work with our team for a custom look and feel.   

For online applications or integration in event apps, we can supply you with relevant code or url for embedding.

How will web messages look on the social wall?

Depending on the social wall and web form templates, any shared pictures or videos will be displayed alongside the message including a standard message icon and their designated username.

For customized web forms the social wall can display an alternative image (maybe coordinating with your event or brand) as the profile picture, in place of the web message icon. 

What do people say about using Web Forms?

"So cool, love the interactivity."

"This is great as there is no elephant in the room."

"I’m new in the Company, but this has been the best meeting I’ve ever been to. It’s clear you value our feedback."

Whether your event is public or you wish to maintain a completely private envirnoment, such as an internal business meeting, our web messaging feature gives you added flexibility in accomodating attendees at your event, making it easy for them to join the conversation and feel like they have a voice.

Live App (Web form) in action

Use the following web from (which is our Live App embed) to send live a web message to the demo wall.

Of course, you can customize the Web form and integrate the form and the Wall in anyway on your website.

How is a web message system different to other social platforms?

All web messages are contained solely within the SocialWall Pro tool.  Users can enter their own names, messages and can upload pictures.  

Case Usage: Symrise

To drive engagement in their internal conferences Symrise integrated an interactive web form.  Using the web form, meeting participants were encouraged to provide feedback and ask questions, increasing engagement tenfold. 


Why don't we design something magical together for your meeting? How about we create a complete engagement forum on a web page by running the live social wall or live social feed alongside the web form? Run it for an event, or use it for an internal discussion forum, whatever you need it for, our design team can help you make it special and unique.


Make it even easier for your audience to access your web form by using a url shortener (like bit.ly or goo.gl) to give them a simpler link to type into their web browser.