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Extend audience participation with an SMS Wall

Sometimes an event calls for confidentiality, or sometimes your audience isn’t that social media savvy.... so you need something different to drive social engagement on your social wall. 

Why you should use SMS on your social wall? 

Providing the opportunity for your attendees to use SMS  means that anyone who has even the most basic mobile phone, or doesn't use social media, can join in the conversation on your social wall.  It's really simple.  Attendees message to a local number (which we provide) and our system transforms the message to appear on your specific social wall or SMS Wall. 

Moderation comes as standard with all of our social walls, so all content can be reviewed prior to it being displayed. 

What SMS content is shown on my social wall?

SMS messages appear anonymously to protect the privacy of the SMS sender.  SMS can be used exclusively on an SMS Wall or alongside public social media messages on a social wall - all of our standard templates are able to integrate SMS, though images and video (MMS) are not supported. 

Messages will appear with a generic phone icon next to the message.  A custom username or profile picture may be integrated in the design process for further customization.

How have people responded to using SMS in internal meetings?

"Wow a meeting where I get to use my phone, Very Cool!"

"I will have to text you later, I’m at the most fun, most inspiring, and simply the best company expo" (accidentally sent to the Social Wall instead of SMS recipient)

"I’m new in the company, but this has been the best meeting I’ve ever been to. It’s clear you value our feedback."

Whether your event is public or you wish to maintain a completely private envirnoment, such as an internal business meeting, our SMS Wall feature gives you added flexibility in accomodating attendees at your event, making it easy for them to join the conversation and feel like they have a voice.



SMS feature is a very affordable option of our Premium plan. Contact us for more information.



How is SMS different than other social wall platforms?

With the SMS platform, messages come up entirely anonymous to protect the phone number of the sender.  

Only text may be displayed.  Video and or/picture messages via text are not accepted. 

Case Usage: Private event

300 people : 563 messages, 167 different users, in 3 hours, 53% engagement.  

Executive Speaker Series : 40 managers, 66 messages, 29 different users, 1 hour meeting , 72% engagement  

Have you ever been to a meeting with that much engagement?




Depending on where you are in the world, it can take a few days to source a local number, so if you are looking to use SMS, we suggest you get in touch as soon as possible. If time doesn't allow us to obtain a local number for you, our web form could be a great alternative.

#Creative Spark

Combine our polling/voting feature with SMS and you are sure to get a lot more participation.  Attendees can quickly send in responses to questions and you'll get real-time feedback.