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How to display Instagram photos at your event ?

As the fastest growing social network Instagram is increasingly becoming more popular every day, making it highly likely that your event/brand audience is using the channel.

Why is Instagram useful for events? 

With its’ ‘fun and quirky way to share life through a series of pictures’ this channel is a great way to increase the sharing of video and photo content about your event or brand activation.

The platform is designed to allow people to quickly take pictures and video using their mobile devices, enhance the images/video with built in filters and tools, then easily share over variety of social platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Flickr, helping your event or brand to reach a wider audience.

Similar to Twitter, the platform uses hashtags to connect topics and users and it's aim is to "capture and share the world's moments" through it's networks of users and their followers.

Why should I display Instagram on my Social Wall?

When you display a social wall, your event attendees jump at the chance to see their video and pictures on the 'big screen'. At the same time as posting to your social wall, they are sharing the same content with all their followers, helping to increase your event exposure and connections tenfold.

To drive further engagement try Instagram Contests or creating photo opportunities with photobooths or selfie stations - all are great ways of adding another fun element to your event, while letting your attendees do all the promotion for you. We love the selfie challenge launched by AIBTM a few years ago.  

What Instagram content is shown on my Social Wall?

Posts are pulled in from Instagram that contain the hashtags that you specify when you set up your social wall session. You may choose one or more hashtags.   

Alternatively using the curate feature in our ProTool you can bring in any public post from instagram, using the post’s unique url.

Depending on  the social wall template and content settings you choose pictures and videos will be displayed alongside the Instagram message. Only picture, video and comment are collected and displayed. As there isn’t a limitation on the amount of text included in a post, lengthy posts will likely be truncated on SocialWall Pro for optimal displaying purposes.



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We've hit the big 10,000 on #Instagram. Thank you!

A photo posted by British Champions Series (@championsseries) on

What differentiates Instagram from other social platforms?

The key differentiator for Instagram is that you MUST share a video or Photo. With Twitter and Facebook you may share a text only message. It is also common for an Instagram post to include up to 15 hashtags.  While Facebook is mainly a private network, many Instagram users choose to have their profile public to share their pictures with the wider community.


Case Usage: Great British Racing

To grow their Instagram community. Great British Racing, integrated a picture focused Social Wall including Instagram alongside Champion's Day at Royal Ascot.  Following their event they were pleased to have reached their goal of 10,000 Instagram fans. 


Actively using Instagram  all year long is a great way to increase exposure of your brand and to stay connected with your community. If you are planning a conference share pictures throughout the year as your explore venues, taste menus, plan for speakers, etc. This is a great way to drive anticipation prior to your event


To get the most from your Instagram wall it is recommended that you use a minimum of 15 hashtags in your posts. The more hashtags you use the greater reach you will likely have in connecting people interested in a range of topics.