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Published on November 12th, 2018

Instagram changes and how they impact SocialWall Pro

During 2018, Instagram made important changes to its platform and its API (In computer programming, an application programming interface - APIs - a set of subroutine definitions, communication protocols, and tools for building software). 

These more or less important changes were planned to be done throughout the year. The goal of the company is to migrate (all) their partners to the IT architecture of Facebook (owner of Instagram) and its Graph API.

Then comes Cambridge Analytica

However, following the Cambridge Analytica case (and the sudden interest of the world in privacy issues), Facebook has reviewed and accelerated the changes deployment.

At the beginning of April, Instagram unilaterally removed access to certain information and reduced the use of its APIs (200 calls allowed per hour instead of 5000), requiring us to react very quickly to restore a decent service.

In early December, the regular search for Instagram posts based on hashtag will be removed. All Instagram partners around the world are impacted by this change, regardless of the business they are running.

At the time of the announcement, Facebook gave no alternative to this deletion. As a result of user pressure, an alternative was announced at the beginning of November, allowing Instagram Business Accounts to continue searching for images based on hashtag.

What changes for you

Our technical team is working on the implementation of this new API, forcing us to review our interface and how you will use Instagram. Here is a summary of what will be possible:

You'll need a Business Instagram account to:

  • Collect Instagram posts containing a hashtag, with the limitation of using 30 hashtags on a 7-day rolling window.

Still don't have a Business Instagram Account, read why and how create it. Note that you'll be able to use both Standard and Business Instagram accounts at the same time.

However, we will continue to improve our tool for an even better experience and even greater commitment from your participants. New features and sources will arrive soon. We will keep you informed as soon as possible for any changes.

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