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Published on July 5th, 2016

5 Top Tips for Your Live Q&A Session

Does the idea of running a live Q&A session at your event make you break out into a sweat?

When it's done successfully, your audience can't resist participating by asking questions or joining the debate. 

Read on to find our 5 Top Tips that are sure to help you get the best from your Live Q&A Session and have attendees excited to come back for more.

With an estimated 75% of people experiencing some degree of nervousness or anxiety when speaking in public, it’s not surprising that attendees are often reluctant to speak up in Q&A sessions.

That’s why it works to give attendees alternative methods to voice their opinions, ask questions, and join the conversation.

Use Our Social Walls to Increase Social Engagement

To ignite the conversation and spread awareness of your event, invite attendees to ask questions or post comments on social media and our SocialWall Pro software will creatively display them on screens - Twitter is an obvious choice but our social walls also display Facebook, Instagram, web messaging and SMS messages.

Embed our social media wall on your website or share the link with non-attendees to encourage them to join in from anywhere in the world. Perfect for a virtual meeting or even hybrid events!

Keeping Your Internal Meeting Private

Don’t want your company matters broadcast to the world?

With SMS and web messaging, what’s said on the social wall stays in the room! We supply you with a dedicated local phone number for SMS messages or a link to a secure web form. It couldn’t be easier for attendees to use, and it gives you peace of mind that company information won’t be compromised.

5 Top Tips for Your Live Q&A Session

  1. Communicate the hashtag, SMS phone number or web form URL everywhere! That includes event related emails, brochures, banners, badges, promotional and printed materials, and digital signage.
  2. Invite questions prior to the Q&A session and use our SocialWall Pro Live Center to moderate and organise content so you can be pre-prepared and ready to go. It’s  also useful to have colleagues submit questions that you can use to get the ball rolling. Our “tag” feature allows you to select messages and easily find them at the touch of a button – it works on tablets too.
  3. Prepare answers to common questions as well as those you may have already received before the start of the session. 
  4. Display questions and answers on the social wall. Keep the conversation on track and prevent having to keep repeating the question by displaying relevant questions or answers. A great feature of our solution is that you can stop and start the flow of messages and “display now” when you want to draw attention to something specific.
  5. Plan a short closing for after the Q&A session. Many speakers close their presentation  with a Q&A session. Sometimes the conversation leads away from the the main focus of the presentation. Be sure to recap the main points of your presentation and thank the audience for their contribution to the conversation before you say goodbye.


We design custom social walls integrating social content from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SMS and web forms.

Ask us for more info!


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