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Planning for Your Social Wall

Get the most from event social media with a live wall

These simple steps will ensure your wall is a success.

Identify your social wall goals

Are you looking to increase your audience participation, increase brand/event awareness, drive a buzz at your event, generate sponsorship revenue, or grow  your community?  

All of these are possible reasons for using a social wall, but knowing what your goals are is important for maximizing the features of your social wall and aligning with your overall event strategy.

Evaluate your display options

Networking/lobby/registration areas, conference seminar rooms, tradeshow floors, websites, stadiums, street activations, store fronts, offices, TV, you name it and we’ve done it.  

Any type of display is possible.  Although16/9 and 4/3 display ratios are optimal with our templates. More tech info.

For maximum engagement, we recommend the largest display possible and to place your wall in high traffic areas.



Select a Social Wall Package

With do-it-yourself and premium services, you can confidently select a package that fits your individual needs.

  • BasicTool -Simple solution to get started for personal events.  
  • ProTool -  Gamifcation, brand design & more for event organizers.  
  • Premium services- Tailor-made designs & services

Whatever social wall option you choose you will have access to moderation, to filter and select the best social content. 

Plan your social strategy

Plan and identify your social activity and/or hashtags in advance of your event to prepare your audience and start gaining traffic. 

Choose a hashtag that is unique, yet relevant for your event/brand.  Publish the call to action (CTA) on print and digital marketing collateral so it’s easy for your audience to engage.

Use tools liks Buffer/Tweetdeck to pre-schedule content.


Final prep

Be sure that your internet connectivity is reliable for your social wall, admin device(s)and your attendees.  

Test and set up your live display. Use the in tool help or read our FAQ’s for support.

Pre-program moderation settings, contests, announcements, and advertisements in advance to spark competition,  communicate and promote sponsors and/or your brand messages.


Go live!

Organize your social media team to moderate and engage with your social wall activity.  Keep an eye on key influencers and Like, ReTweet, Reply and Follow social users to actively participate in the social conversation.

Use tagging features in moderation to sort and identify questions for interactive Q&A sessions.  

Display word cloud, leaderboards, and contests at key times to increase engagement. 

06/Go live

Analyze your social

Just because your event is over, doesn’t mean that the social conversation is has to end.

Review your social wall report (ProTool) and thank/engage with key users.  Like, ReTweet and share social content to extend the life of your event.

Document key social wall successes and improvement opportunities of your event and social wall  to drive the success of your next event.