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Engagement & Gamification

Increase the social conversation with audience engagement and gamification

You've got your audience for your event, so now what?

Is there enough to keep them occupied, excited and engaged?

Audience participation is never a done deal - so make sure you've got all bases covered by combining engagement and gamification concepts.

... And it just so happens that we have the perfect tools for you to use, which come as standard with all our social walls in our all our packages (BasicTool, ProTool and Premium)

Gamification - Social Media Contests & Leaderboards

Onscreen prize draws using our Contest feature and leaderboards for Top ReTweet and Most Active Users are remarkably powerful at sparking competition and increasing social conversation about your event. 


Social media contest and leader board displays from SocialWall Pro


Word Cloud & Announcements

In addition to the competitive elements of gamification, the Word Cloud and Announcements features provoke even more engagement. The Word Cloud displays the conversation trends, while the announcement feature allows you to broadcast scrolling messages  directly to your attendees.

Social Media word cloud for #eventprofs from SocialWall Pro

Use Announcements to invite your audience to send questions, direct them to speaker sessions, let them know about free giveaways, or to remind them that lunch is about to be served and where to find it.

All features may be scheduled or launched on-demand.


Plan for your Contest

There are many different contests that can be incorporated. Run a selfie-contest, reward Instagram users, or just pick at random.  Whatever you select, plan in advance so you can prepare the call to action. Also don't forget to organize relevant prizes (or ask your sponsors for prizes in return for the added exposure). 

Case Usage: LG

To drive engagement and awareness for their new G3 phone launch, LG ran a nightly Social Wall contest that awarded one lucky social media user with a brand new phone!


Sell sponsorship of the gamification features to generate revenue. Let your sponsors give away prizes and/or be promoted on the Leaderboards to gain more exposure.


Let your audience know in advance about contests and leaderboards. Preparing your audience helps them plan their own social activity to increase your event exposure and their chance of winning!