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Spark competiton on the Twitter Leaderboard with the Top ReTweets

Send Tweets Viral

Let’s face it, we all love to be ReTweeted… okay well maybe not everyone, but most people enjoy the gratification of getting shared, so a Twitter competition is sure to help pickup more social interaction - well we think it's a no brainer!

This Twitter leaderboard shows the Top ReTweeted Tweets.

The Top ReTweeted display will help drive your exposure tenfold. It isn’t just about an individual being most active, it’s about encouraging participants to post something that is compelling enough for others to ReTweet.   

The most famous ReTweet has to be Ellen’s Tweet from the Oscars - why not give your attendees the chance to live their 10 seconds of fame on your live wall.

Launching this Twitter learderboard is so easy - schedule the frequency and duration of the display, and the Top 3 ReTweeted leaderboard will magically appear right on time!

If you, the event organizer, or someone undesirable makes it to the top of the leaderboard, it's easy to remove users so they won't appear on screen.

Make sure you skyrocket your social conversation at your next event by using the Top ReTweeted leaderboard - why not talk to us about customizing it with your company or a sponsor's branding?


Case Usage: Jazzercise UK

To drive engagement at live fitness conference, the Top ReTweets Leadeboard was used.  Every 10 minutes the crowd gathered with excitment to see if their friends Tweets had moved up the list. 

Case Usage: #WinWithVimto Fusion Festival

Taking the Top ReTweets one step further, Vimto ran a contest at the Fusion Festival that rewarded the Top ReTweeted user with the chance to come on stage. Combining our Social Wall contest and Top ReTweet, we created a custom reveal of the the Top Retweet Winner immediately resulting in the #WinWithVimto trending on Twitter.  


Let a sponsor take the glory alongside your Top ReTweets as the official Twitter Leaderboard sponsor! Simply integrate branding in our template or let them really stand out with a complete custom Top Retweet display. Our team loves to create something new so get in touch now!