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Display live social trends with real-time Social Media Word Cloud

Trends in social conversation for your event

Why should I use the Word Cloud at my event?  

What are people talking about before, during and after your event?  

A Word Cloud is a dynamic display which automatically updates and adjusts how words appear, in size and color, based on the frequency they are used in social messages in your social wall feed. You’ll see the keywords that are trending for your event at that very moment! 

To activate, simply turn the Word Cloud feature on in your social wall session admin.  Launch it on demand or at set intervals.

Filters and settings are available to optimize your display and remove any unwanted words.  



Case Usage: Mobile World Keynote Sessions

At the end of each panel session, conference organizers displayed the Word Cloud to show conversation trends.  Key themes from the session were illustrated along with speaker usernames. 

Case Usage: Centrica

To generate revenue from the use of their Word Cloud, Centrica created found a sponsor.  The display was customized to include a sponsor logo and colors. 

#Creative spark

Don’t stick with our standard Word Cloud! Let your imagination run wild and work with our design team to customize one.  Tailor the display to your own unique brand identity! How about a cloud in the shape of your brand logo? Sound fun? Get in touch.


Generate revenue by selling a custom Word Cloud to one of your sponsors. Work with our team to integrate their brand colors and logo and then simply schedule it at set intervals over the course of your event! You earn a little money and the sponsor gets exposure to your audience! Everybody wins!