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Interactive Hashtag Counter for your Social Wall

Live Display to support your Hashtag Campaign

Similar to our battle and TweetGraph this engagement feature is used to visually represent the social volume for your event.

Whether you are trying to reach a certain social media goal in terms of traffic, or you want to display the Hashtag Counter just for fun, this feature is sure to help increase Twitter and Instagram engagement as your audience joins in to help support your hashtag campaign. 


hashtag counter built in to a social wall at an event

Case Usage: Acton Institute

The Acton Institute set a goal of 1,000 Tweets for their event, so they decided to include a visual counter of social messages.  Guests saw the numbers rising as they took part in the challenge.

Case Usage: Hyatt Dallas

To drive competition in support of March Madness, the Hyatt in Dallas used an interactive social wall where people Tweeted to a specific hashtag in support of their respective team.  Throughout the championship Tweets were tallied for each team, the one with the most Tweets by the end won!


Trying to exceed X amount of Tweets for one of your events? Well, why not integrate a Hashtag Counter at your next event. And if you let your audience know your goal, you can bet they'll help you get there, and beyond!

Creative Spark

Let our creative team work their magic with a complete custom Hashtag Counter integrating your brand or event theme. Create a visual display of planting trees for every Tweet sent in support of your environmental conference…