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Increase social activity with a Live Leaderboard of Top Users

Spark competition with a Social Leaderboard

Let’s face it, we all want to be at the top of the leaderboard… okay well maybe not everyone, but plenty of people do enjoy a bit of friendly competition, and when it also helps you achieve more social engagement, well we think it's a no brainer!

Launching the Top 3 Users leaderboard is so easy! 

Simply schedule the frequency and duration of the display and the Top 3 Users will magically appear at your chosen intervals!   

Twitter leader board schedule for socialwall pro


Oh and don’t worry if you, as the event organizer, or someone undesirable makes it to the top of the leaderboard, it's easy to remove users so they won't appear on screen. 

So now you know all about our Top Users leaderboard make sure don't miss out on inspiring a social media frenzy at your next event.

Case Usage: Jazzercise UK

To help drive engagmeent at their annual fitness event, Jazzercise UK gave out prizes for the Most Active Users.  Every 10 minutes as the leaderboard was revealed a flurry of excitement and cheers occurred for the current leader. 

Case Usage: ISES Christmas Party

The Event industry certainly knows how to put on a party and to add a bit of fun to the party, they integrated the Most Active Users.  In the 4 hour event, the leader changed over and over again in a competitive race to number 1. 

#Creative spark

Top 3?  Oh how boring! 

You want to show the Top 10 or display a social leaderboard permanently on your Social Wall? 

Well it's not something we offer as standard, but of course we CAN do it! Contact us today with your ideas!


Let a sponsor take the glory alongside your Top Users as the official leaderboard sponsor! Make it simple by incorporating their logo or devise a striking new design with our team. Get in touch now!