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Announcements - event communications tool for your social wall

Instantly communicate with your audience

It's the day of your event and you've arrived early with a To Do list longer than your arm; speakers to organize, technical equipment to set up, allocate last minute jobs to staff, final checks on registration..... 

No matter how much you plan, there's always something unexpected that crops up.

Whether it's one of your speakers who turns up late or the ladies toilets are broken on the second floor, you'll want to make sure you have a way of keeping your attendees informed so they can get the most out of your event experience and avoid disruption and confusion.

The Announcement tool is just the tool for you!

Subtly scrolling across the bottom of your social wall, Announcements are an effective way to communicate and broadcast information to your audience.

It couldn't be simpler to use either: go to the Announcement tab in the admin section of your social wall, and type in your text, schedule the frequency or start time, then activate.

Use it to communicate your hashtag, welcome attendees, announce special events/speakers or weather warnings, provide venue information, etc.   

Announcements may be generated in the moment throughout the course of your event, or in advance, for maximum flexibility.



Case Usage: IBM European Smart Camp

When IBM hosted their European Smart Camp in Canary Wharf, London they used the announcement feature to communicate the Wi-fi code for all attendees.  

Case Usage: #WinWithVimto Fusion Festival

The Announcement feature was used to communicate the call to action for the #WinWithVimto campaign. 


In advance of your event pre-schedule announcements for key scheduled items, such as speaker sessions, kick off times, lunch/dinner start times, etc. It will help remind your event attendees, and is something you no longer have to think about on the day.


Sell announcement opportunities to sponsors to generate revenue. Let a sponsor advertise their speaker session or announce special exhibition activities such as their happy hour or a product demo. Simply type in the desired text and schedule the display for a specific time or display it on a rotation every 30 minutes.