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Interactive Social Media Contest Ideas for your event social wall

Spark engagement with Social Media Contest

Why use a contest at your event?

Everyone wants to be a winner!

So why not have some winners at your event?

With a powerful visual display, our interactive Contest is a sure fire way to increase engagement and drive a buzz.

You can choose whether a winner is picked at random from everyone who messaged your social wall, from a select pool or users, or a specific person. You can even restrict which social platform the winner must message on to make it a Twitter Contest or an Instagram Contest. 

Our unique tagging feature keeps you in control!

Launching it is so easy! Simply hit play to launch or schedule it for a specific time and completely captivate your audience!


Social media contest tool for socialwall Pro

How does the contest work?  

To help drive engagement, reward those who have supported your event on social media, or just for fun, launch a Contest - it comes as standard with all Pro Tool and Premium Service social walls.  

Activate the visual countdown and winner selection on demand or schedule it at set intervals.

Choose a winner at random or, using the filter settings, run a social media contest based on specific criteria such as:

  • Social Medium - Choose a winner based on the use of a specific social platform. Twitter contest, Instagram contest, Facebook contest, etc. you decide. This is really effective if you want to promote social conversation over a specific channel.
  • Custom Tag - Select a winner from a pool of users which you’ve tagged in our moderation. This is great for choosing a winner from all those that have sent in a ‘selfie’ or to choose a winner from all people who submitted a question in your speaker session. The possibilities are endless.

In addition to adjusting your winner selection you can choose how your winner is revealed (mosaic or wheel selection), adjust the countdown time, exclude specific users, personalize the winner message, and even preview the winner before you display them!

It’s so quick and easy!




Case Usage:

When LG launched their new G3 phone they decided to have four product launch evenings in clubs around the U.S.  As part of the event, event attendees were invited to Tweet for the chance to win a new phone in the social wall prize draw. 

Case Usage: New Era Caps - NFL London

To promote increased social engagement, New Era Caps launched a Contest every hour on their social wall on the lead up to the NFL Games in London.  The dynamic onscreen countdown chose a winner at random from all those that had messaged the wall.  As the winners were displayed, they were also informed where to go to claim their prize.

#Creative spark

Whether it’s a simple branding integration or a complete custom contest design, our team can create a dynamic contest for you.  Have the winner selected by spinning your brand’s bottle, or reveal the winner with a stroke of a golf club, the sky's the limit! Get in touch today.


Let a sponsor be featured on the Contest display, or incorporate multiple sponsors.  Ask sponsors to provide giveaway items for your Contests, then feature them throughout your event when you invite participants to enter. Customize the winner announcement screen with their logo, or work with our team to create something really special.