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Enhance Audience Participation with Live Q&A

No one wants to be a passive attendee in a meeting anymore, so why would your event attendees be any different?

In addition to the engagement that a Social Wall inspires, our live Q&A features can be used to extend engagement even further. 


Live Voting

You want to ask your participants questions ? Prepare your questions (multiple-choice, rating, open question, ...) and propose them to your audience.

Ask them to answer either via social networks or via our dedicated Live App (web application).

Collect and view the answers live and choose when and which question will be proposed to participants.




Whatever you are looking for our team is happy to help bring it to life. Just contact us with your ideas and we’d be happy to see them come alive.


Prepare your audience

It is very useful to prepare your audience in advance if questions and voting features will be used.  Prompt attendees to think about quesitons and or provide them with written instructions on how to respond. 

Plan your Questions

LIst all questions and answers in advance of your event to save time and stress on the day of your event. 


Instead of having someone run around with a microphone in your speaker session, invite your audience to send questions via your social wall. Not only will you get more questions you can use the moderation features to pick the best ones.


Easily increase exposure of your event, by asking your audience to send questions via social.  Answer them in your speaker session orally, or engage directly on social during the event, or if you can’t respond immediately, tag them in moderation for follow up after your event.