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Use SMS and Twitter voting for real-time Voting/Polling feedback

Poll your audience

You ask the question and your audience chooses from a set of answers by sending a message with specific text via social media or SMS.

As they see the bars move and the percentages rise and fall in real time, attendees know that their opinion counts, making them feel connected and encouraging others to join in.

So when is a good time to use our Voting feature? 

The answer is, any time you want your audience's opinion or to increase engagement - talent shows, product feedback, employee opinion, or even where they want the next event to be held. Keep it professional, or mix it up with some fun questions to help them relax and enjoy your event.  

The Voting panel can be diplayed full screen or incorporated into the corner of your social wall.


social wall poll asking for your favorite Lincoln MKC feature


It's always best to have the questions and answers set up in advance, but you can make changes and add questions and answers on the fly too. 

Don't want the results shown as bars and percentages?

Not a problem - we can show the results in a variety of ways, just let us know your ideas and we'll bring them to life, all you need to do is get in touch.


Case Usage: Voice Ireland

To increase audience engagement, producers of the Voice in Ireland launched a voting display at key times throughout the show.  Invited to vote for their favorite contestant, the show's hashtag immediately trended on Twitter as fans sparked competition in real-time to get their favorites to the top of the list!

Case Usage: Lincoln

At Gitex in Dubai, Lincoln lanched a new car.  They ran social wall contests and polled their audience to find out their favorite features while driving social engagement.

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Want to maintain confidentiality as your audience votes? Use our SMS option. With SMS, we allocate you a local number for your audience to text their answer to. Messages appear on the wall with an SMS icon but no username or number is displayed, ensuring your attendees' annonymity.