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Published on November 26th, 2015

Event Sponsorship : Social Wall or Money Maker?

Event sponsorship is a great way to generate additional revenue - so how about showcasing sponsors on your social wall to cover the cost, or even make a profit?

You might be surprised to find out how many opportunities there are and exactly how easy it is!

Transform your Social Wall into a Money Maker

From simple sponsor logo placement to unique tailoring of the Social Wall experience, we offer a range of sponsorship opportunities that could, not only remove your Social Wall as a cost item, but turn it into a tool to promote sponsors.

Want to change the background color, the color of the text, the font, or even the whole display?

We can do that! 

Advertisement Feature

The Advertisement feature, included with our Pro Tool and Premium Service, lets you upload an image and/or a video to be displayed, then schedule it to repeat as many times as you want it to.

The social wall is interrupted when it plays so that the Advertisement can be shown full screen, grabbing the attention of your attendees.

Choose either an image (.jpg, .jpeg, or .png) or a video file (.flv or .mp4) - use it to display a single logo, a collection of logos, a marketing video, or a commercial, or anything else you want to raise awareness of.

Highlight Content

Imagine the whole screen blinking when a Tweet from your sponsor appears, or messages from their Twitter account appear in their brand colors. 

Make sure important messages get noticed with our standard Highlights (Pro Tool and Premium Service only) or create a more distinctive Custom Highlight by working with our design team.


Contests and Leaderboards are great for driving participation and engagement, and are extremely eye-catching, so won't go unnoticed. 

That's why sponsors jump at the chance of sharing the limelight with the winners, as they are announced.

Again, customizing our Gamification features can be as simple as integrating a logo, or a complete custom design - share your ideas with us and work with our design team to create something really special for your event.

Word Cloud

Word Clouds are becoming more popular at events as they illustrate the key concepts and trends dominating the social conversation around the event hashtag.

Scheduling your Word Cloud to appear at regular intervals generates another money making opportunity where you can offer to brand your Word Cloud with your sponsors logo, colors, font etc. 


How many ways are there to incorporate sponsors into your social wall and generate income?

We're coming up with new ways all the time, so if you want some help trying to figure it all out, just get in touch so we can help find the perfect solution for you.


We design tailor-made event sponsorship opportunities. Ask us for more info!

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