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How to display Facebook at events?

With about 2 billions users, Facebook is the world’s largest social network. Facebook’s main focus is to allow users to connect and share with family and friends online.

Users post status updates including photos and videos as well as scroll through updates and posts from friends.  

Like many companies, brands and events, you probably have your own Facebook Pages that you use to engage with the Facebook community.  

With the goal of increasing your ‘Likes’ and comments, integration of a Facebook wall at your event can boost community engagement. However, it’s very important to know that engagement via Facebook is very different than Twitter and Instagram.

How can I integrate a Facebook wall?

While many users accounts are public on Twitter and Instagram, most individual Facebook profiles are private and that means their comments, status updates and image content in their news feed is protected.

In order for us to display Facebook posts and comments, you must have admin access to the page you wish to display.  When uploading your Facebook page, you'll be asked to link our system with your account.   This does not give us access to your page, this simply lets Facebook know that you are approved for access to this content. 

When posts appear on your social wall from your Facebook Page, your audience becomes aware of your Facebook community and is inspired to join the conversation and Like your Page.

Encourage attendees to comment on your Facebook Page post with their best selfie, or letting you know their favorite part of the event - their interaction with your post will signal to Facebook that your posts are popular, which then increases the chances of reaching a larger audience.  

Depending on your own event type, Facebook may or may not be an effective platform. It’s important to consider your target market and their social activity to determine whether the channel is appropriate.

How will Facebook content be displayed on my Facebook wall?

Depending on your choice of social wall template and settings, any shared pictures and videos will be displayed alongside the message, profile picture and username. To optimise the feel and flow of the content on your social wall, any lengthy Facebook posts may be truncated.




What differentiates Facebook from other social platforms?

Facebook is designed to be your ‘personal network’ so its’ focus is is more on your friends and family, creating a closed network requiring someone to accept you as a ‘friend’ to view their Facebook posts or for a ‘group’ to invite you.

Case Usage: Jazzercise UK

To promote their Facebook page and activity Jazzercise UK displayed Facebook video and images on their event social hub significantly exposure of their #FitWeekend. Social engagement soared causing the event to sell out for the following  year in 2 1/2 weeks. 


The event page feature of Facebook is another feature of Facebook which could be instrumental to help increase attendance for your event. With event pages, people notify their network of events they are attending increasing your event awareness.


Video content is known to generate the most engagement on Facebook, so creating a plan for video content/uploads throughout your Facebook Wall at your event, as well a pre and post event is a great way to increase your exposure.