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LinkedIn (beta)

With about half a billion users, LinkedIn is the world’s largest social network for profesionnals. LinkedIn is the business and employment-oriented social networking service.

Users post status updates including photos and videos as well as scroll through updates and posts from colleagues, clients, prospects, mentors...

Like many companies, brands and events, you probably have your own LinkedIn Page that you use to engage with industry professionals.  

With the goal of increasing your visibility, integration of a LinkedIn wall at your event can boost community engagement. However, it’s very important to know that engagement via LinkedIn is very different than with Twitter and Instagram.

How can I integrate a LinkedIn wall?

In order for your social wall to display LinkedIn posts and comments, you must have admin access to the page you wish to display. You'll have to connect with your LinkedIn account to allow access to your page's posts, and comments on posts. Be aware that you must be an admin of the page you want to collect posts from.

Once connected through LinkedIn, you'll be able to select what page(s) you want to collect the posts from, or the posts you want to collect the comments from.

When posts appear on your social wall from your LinkedIn Page, your audience will become aware of your LinkedIn community and will be inspired to join the conversation and Like your Page or Posts.

Depending on your own event type, LinkedIn may or may not be an effective platform. It’s important to consider your target market and their social activity to determine whether the channel is appropriate.

How will LinkedIn content be displayed on my LinkedIn wall?

Depending on your choice of social wall template and settings, any shared pictures and videos will be displayed alongside the message, profile picture and username. It's worth noting that in order to optimise the feel and flow of the content on your social wall, any lengthy LinkedIn posts or posts may be truncated.

Note that due to a LinkedIn API technical restriction, new posts and new comments are collected every two minutes.