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Published on November 30th, 2016

5 Signs You Should Invest In A Social Wall For Your Event

It’s not uncommon to see a Social Wall (a.k.a TweetWall, TwitterWall, Instagram Wall, Facebook Wall) at any size of event these days, from intimate company meetings, to weddings, right through to huge conventions and concerts, even TV shows.


So, how do you know it it’s worth giving one a try for your event?


Here are some signs to warn you that you might be missing out by not having one:


  1. People taking Selfies
    The number one reason people take a #selfie is to share it on social media - if it’s a group selfie, then the other in the picture get tagged and share it with their followers too.
    Now, if they are so keen to share pictures of themselves on social media, imagine what they would do to appear on the huge screen at your event… and their friends and colleagues don’t want to be left out, so they would join in too!
    It’s easy to see how events can trend on Twitter and Facebook this way!


    Selfie on social wall


  2. Q & A Sessions Lack Engagement
    Are you met with silence when your speaker has finished with their presentation and you open the floor to questions? It’s undeniably the part that most event planners dread!
    Studies estimate that 75% of people suffer from speech anxiety when speaking in public, so is it any wonder that it can be such a struggle encouraging attendees to speak up?
    That’s why a Social Wall works! Texting or Tweeting a question or message removes the fear of voicing their opinion while allowing them to get involved and give their point of view.Q&A sessions end up being relevant and informative, creating a much richer experience for everyone.
    SMS texting can be used instead of, or in addition to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, on whether the session is for the public or private and confidential.


  3. There’s no social “BUZZ”
    What?...The only one talking about your event on social media is you?
    Are the people who you would expect to engage having a whale of a time AT your event and not sharing it with their friends and followers?
    Attendees may be having the time of their lives at your event, but how do you get them to share it with the rest of the world?
    When your attendees realize their photos and messages can be featured on huge screens, it gives them a reason to join the conversation and then stay connected. And while they’re focusing on their moment of fame on the social wall, they’re also sharing the fun and excitement of your event with their friends and followers.
  4. Your budget is really tight
    Not enough room in your budget to get what you really think would make your event the best ever?
    Turn your dreams into reality by using a social wall as the key to unlocking sponsorship opportunities and generating income for those added extras.
    With our ProTool you can upload a logo, customize a background (and include sponsor logos) or run full-screen advertisements that temporarily interrupt your wall. How could your sponsors resist the temptation of being featured on the big screen?


  5. You run contests or competitions
    Contests and competitions are so much fun, really easy to use and come as a standard feature of our ProTool social walls.
    Also know as Gamification, Contests, and Leaderboards encourage your audience to get involved in the social conversation and can inspire them to create quality content and spread the word.



Are the signs that you should be using a social wall staring you in the face?


Don’t miss out the many benefits of using a social wall at your next event - go and give it a test run, we know you’ll love it once you’ve tried it!


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