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Published on January 5th, 2017

Great Ways to Display Hashtags at Events

If no one notices your event hashtag, it's likely that your event isn't going to go very far on social media.

Where's the best place to put your event hashtag?

Right from the moment your event is announced, your hashtag needs to be highlighted on every communication - whether it's in print or digital. It's never too early to start building the buzz for your event, so don't hold back.

Figuring out the best place to put your hashtag AT your event, to make sure it's noticed, isn't always easy, so we thought we would put together some great examples of hashtag displays that we've come across when we've attended events.


On the display around a social wall.

hashtag display around social wall


On a large screen behind a question and answer panel.

Q & A session


On the props for a #selfie competition.

selfie competition prop


Olmeca placed their hashtag under the skyline.

hashtag display in the skyline


Above the social hub.

hashtag display above the social hub


We're always impressed with how inventive QUIPCO, who run the British Champions Series are with their hashtag displays - take a look at some of them below:



If you have any great ideas or examples of ways to get hashtags noticed at events, we would love to hear from you - if you can share some photos then that's even better!

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Tags: Event ideas | Event strategy | Social Media Tips