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Published on January 30th, 2013

A Twitter Wall for Marketers

As conference organizors, the iStrategy team wanted to include social networks to their event. It wasn't a first for them but definitely a first with us.

What were they looking for?

They needed a tool to display what was said on Twitter during the Q&A sessions (after every main conference) and in the networking area, something easy to use with a few features to play with.

What did they do with their TweetWall?

There was a TweetWall in the main conference room where big discussions were taking place; but there was also one close from the cakes and biscuits during the coffee break.

Did people Tweet a lot?

Yes, definitely. The audience was mainly marketers and they were Tweeting to ask questions, start a debate or just have fun with colleagues or friends. Whatever the reason, they always seemed glad to see their Tweet on the screen.

The iStrategy team will say it better than we do so let’s watch the video!

*TweetWall Pro is the former name of SocialWall Pro

Tags: Event strategy | Success Stories