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Published on October 22nd, 2019

Why and how to embed a Social Media Wall on your website

Why embedding a Social Wall on my website?

Whether your content comes from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or a web form (for example your customers reviews), embedding a Social Wall on your site is a good idea for many reasons.

An embed Social Wall will:

  • increase brand awareness
  • engage your web visitors / attendees / customers 
  • increase conversions
  • expose content generated by your visitors / attendees / customers 
  • make your website more lively
  • ...


Some more concrete examples of use:

An e-commerce site

  • Displaying your product catalogues is an integral part of the content of your e-commerce site.
  • Displaying your customers' opinions, photos of your products used daily and your fans' messages about your brand will strengthen it.


About an event

Whether before, during or after the event, displaying messages on the event website allows you to:

  • to report on its success 
  • allow people who are not present to participate in the conversation 
  • increase engagement by exposing the conversation 

Hashtag campaign

Showcase your hashtag campaigns on your website and get fresh content continuously.
In this case too, you will

  • increase interaction with your fans / customers 
  • increase their engagement
  • increase your network


How to embed a Social Wall on my website in few clicks?

Embedding a Social Wall on your website is quite simple, needs only few clicks and is available for all our customers under our BasicTool and ProTool plans. 



First choose if you want the wall to keep a responsive or fixed width:

  • Responsive means that the wall will adapt its width according to the browser's one.
  • If you choose a fixed width, enter the number of pixels.


If your Template is a Display one (made to be displayed on a screen), you'll have to choose a Ratio:


Then choose the prefered ration:

  • There are predifined : 16/9 (the most common), 16/10 or 4/3
  • Or define your own ratio by choosing Custom


If your template is a Website one (specifically to generate content on your website), you'll have to choose a height:


Choose Auto if you want the Wall to to automatically generate its content on your website. The Social Wall height will increase when new content will be displayed
Or define your own custom height. Specify it in pixels. If the Social Wall's content needs more space, scroll bars will be displayed



Once you have chosen the parameters, click on "Copy to Clipboard" to get the javascript code. Then insert this code on your Website.


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