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Published on September 6th, 2019

#WeAreMV : from donuts to a national trend!

"The staff that will send the most photos / videos or comments will win donuts for a day!"

But what had to be a small contest between staff members of five schools turned into a national trending event in the US!

Whether on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, everyone could support his favorite school. The staff members, but also the students, parents, friends ... all took part in the game.

By using a Social Wall for the organization of this contest, William didn't think to have to moderate more than 11,000 messages over half a day! A great marketing action that will bring great visibility and online awareness to institutions of the Municipal School District of Mt. Vernon (Indiana - USA).

Back to the event by talking with his initiator



Hello, who are you?
I'm William Stein, Director of Information Systems, I manage a technology department which supports a K12 school district in rural southern Indiana, USA.  

Can you describe the event you organized and why you needed a social wall, what were your needs/objectives?
My new superintendent came into my office with an idea and wanted my input. The idea was to somehow get teachers and students to wear school colors on a particular day and to incentivize staff to post pictures on social media.

After lots of Googling, brainstorming, and talking to the fine people at SocialWall Pro I met with him again and described the concept of a Social Media Wall.

I explained how we could have a "photo upload" contest between schools using hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  The photos and leader board would be displayed on TVs throughout the district along with the ability to view it on our websites.  He loved loved the idea and the contest winners would get donuts!     

Did the design services meet your expectations?

Perfectly and trust me, I was very particular. The Social Media Wall ended up looking identical to the one in my head.


We’re not competitive or anything! #wearemv #we

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How did the public react to SocialWall?
Our people bought in.  We had just intended to have staff post pictures but everyone got it on the fun! We started seeing students, parents, even other schools join in.  It went viral and then we received a report from our marketing consultant that our hashtag, #WEAREMV, was trending nationally.

Were you satisfied with the live moderation?
It is very easy!  Only problem I had (and a good one at that) was that I could not keep up because the event was so popular

What types of messages have been posted?
All positive pictures showing school spirit and learning!  Lots of smiles! This contest allowed us to take down the walls of our schools and let the community see what we are really all about.   

Why did you choose SocialWall Pro?
SocialWall Pro provided connections to the three platforms I needed (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) plus their design services are top notch and have a "we can make that work" attitude.  Everyone I dealt with was so accommodating.  

What is your general opinion of SocialWall Pro and do you plan to use us in the future?
10 out of 10 would use them again!  We had over 11,000 posts. Just as a frame of reference our student population is only 2,000. And yes, I'll use you in the future! Their "after event" analytics were incredible!


Want to organize a Battle against schools or teams, contact us!



Kueber checking our stats! #wearemv #we

Une publication partagée par Tommi (@therocklife08) le

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