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Published on January 22nd, 2019

SocialWall Pro acquires Pictawall

SocialWall Pro, the leader in Social Wall services, today announced its acquisition of Pictawall, the Brussels-based start-up specialising in Social Hubs. By wholly acquiring this brand and product, SocialWall Pro is further strengthening its leadership in these two markets.

Engaging, fun, effective, impactful

Social Walls are ultra-modern technical products through which organisers can really engage their audience into an event or a brand. Collecting together messages from social networks and posting them up on giant screens, a Social Wall fires up attendees to interact and to spread the word on social media. So the brand or event gets even better known. Random draws, calls to vote, rankings of the greatest influencers – all these and more are the functions available on SocialWall Pro, and they get the participants more and more involved.

Social Hubs are based on User-Generated Content. They make it possible to add interactivity but also testimonies drawn from social media, so boosting client confidence (Social Proof). Used by e-commerce sites in particular, these hubs have the advantage of integrating perfectly into the website of a brand (a retail chain, a restaurant, a hotel chain etc.). They can also be used to stimulate participation in a campaign, event or specific action.

Boosting user confidence to build real, sustainable marketing

Quite obviously, Social Walls and Social Hubs complement each other. A Social Wall engages those taking part in an event, and captures their immediacy. The momentum is then maintained on the website, via a Social Hub.

By acquiring Pictawall, SocialWall Pro will be able to reinforce its existing Social Hub offer. Through a complete Social Wall & Hub solution, it will offer an extended marketing experience

What next?

The Pictawall team are leaving their product in good hands. In the meantime, Thomas, Eric and Jean-Christophe have launched a Growth Marketing agency, MAD Kings, which is a big hit in Belgium. Very active in digital marketing, through Growth Hacking, they specialise in business growth – more particularly, e-commerce in the broad sense, SaaS and mobile applications. Firms they work with include the IPM group, Lampiris, Ardennes-Etape and P&G. They will also be contributing their knowledge to the SocialWall Pro team, ensuring even faster growth.

“We’re leaving our product in good hands, as regards both complementarity and expertise. It’s a dream come true.”
Jean-Christophe Cuvelier – CTO, Pictawall

“Pictawall was a great adventure for us. We’re strong believers in more authentic, consumer-centred marketing. We’re happy to have found a buyer who shares our vision and will take good care of our baby.”
Thomas Paris – CEO, Pictawall

“SocialWall Pro is proud it can count on the fruits of Pictawall’s great marketing and technical experience. This link-up is an important step forward both for the founders’ team and for ours, which will now be able to offer a broader service and added product value.”
Pascal Alberty - Managing Director, SocialWall Pro

SocialWall Pro & Pictawall Management Team

Thomas Paris (CEO Pictawall) - Pascal Alberty (Managing Director SocialWall Pro) - Jean-Christophe Cuvelier (CTO Pictawall)

Communiqué de presse en français - Press Release in English

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