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Published on February 5th, 2019

Film industry: when SocialWall Pro and the red carpet are the perfect couple

The beginning of the year is a busy time for the film industry, what with nominations, preview screenings and more.  Many countries seize the opportunity to reward and promote their own cinema talents. In late February, of course, all eyes turn towards the must-see Oscar awards ceremony. That leads in turn to major screening events for the winning films. A great time for movie fans.

These film events always fire up enthusiasm. They generally pull in big crowds and are widely followed by passionate, committed communities, who take part either on the spot or remotely, via broadcasts or social media.

Creating interaction

These “great cinema fairs” are also a big opportunity to communicate with the organisers and the production studios: supporting the film crews, congratulating people on their work, promoting films, announcing which celebrities are expected. But they are also the right moment to create exchanges with the wonderful audiences who are cinema’s real raison d’être.

More than ever, installing a SocialWall Pro is the ideal way to raise interest, create interaction and promote commitment. Through good promotion and widely publicised hashtags, it becomes really simple to share and swap views with this great audience in real time. No matter whether they are actually at the event, or on the other side of the planet.

A SocialWall Pro also makes it possible to create a game or competition as a warm-up or to promote the event’s sponsors just before the main film.  Some organisers even offer the audience a chance to sit in the stars’ seats and take a quick selfie that is then shared live on the big screen.

Of course, many different types of display are available, so that they can be tailored to the target audience. 

Questions about cinema

Just like any other industry, the film world holds many conferences featuring different panellists:  directors, actors, distributors and other movie professionals.

Here, installing a SocialWall Pro enables question and answer sessions, opinion-sharing, polling and more. So the involvement of the various participants becomes more active. And for the audience, it is much easier to send their questions straight in, rather than having to wait for a microphone to arrive. It is also much more attractive.

All in all, whether you are rolling out the red carpet for the stars, staging a preview screening or holding a cinema symposium, enhancing your event with a SocialWall Pro will be a much appreciated gift to your cinema-loving audience. 


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