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Published on February 1st, 2018

#CinemaAtTheG movie on a Cricket Ground

An amazing experience

Watching a movie on the big screen, in a huge sports stadium, lying in a fat boy's bed, is an out of the ordinary experience.

This experience was proposed by Bank Of Melbourne during the summer and has been enriched by the addition of a Social Wall.

Participants were then invited to share their best selfies to appear on the big screen.


With benefits for all

There are several obvious advantages to using a social wall on this occasion:

  • Bring fun: it's a very fun way to wait until the movie starts. Everyone can become an artist and star by sending their photos (with or without filter ;-)) and see them appear on a giant screen. The effect is magical.
  • Share an experience: it allows a community to share about this evening. Being present together, living it together, communicating together. The experience will remain unforgettable.
  • Promote a film: by adding a hashtag to the film, each message sent with it, is a message sent to a community. An excellent way to promote the event (and the film) and make other people want to participate.
  • Promote a sponror: similarly, using a hashtag naming the sponsor of the event helps to highlight the sponsor. The amplifying effect of a Social Wall doing the rest, the messages sent about sponsors will be all the more visible on social networks.

Add to this a contest or the use of other engagement features, and you get an explosive cocktail worthy of Impossible Mission or Fast and Furious ... but which will strenghten your reputation rather than tearing it to pieces ;-)


Tags: Event ideas | Success Stories

The ultimate drive-in cinema social experience

The Covid-19 crisis will have transformed our daily lives in many ways, including our leisure activities.

Confinement has forced us to stay at home, to abandon the darkened theatres and to prefer a film on the small screen via a streaming service. Many of the films have been postponed to better days.

But the entire film industry is not at a standstill. One phenomenon, which has been somewhat neglected for some time, is rising from its ashes: the drive-in movie experience!

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Film industry: when SocialWall Pro and the red carpet are the perfect couple

The beginning of the year is a busy time for the film industry, what with nominations, preview screenings and more.  Many countries seize the opportunity to reward and promote their own cinema talents. In late February, of course, all eyes turn towards the must-see Oscar awards ceremony. That leads in turn to major screening events for the winning films. A great time for movie fans.

These film events always fire up enthusiasm. They generally pull in big crowds and are widely followed by passionate, committed communities, who take part either on the spot or remotely, via broadcasts or social media.

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