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Published on April 3rd, 2018

Turn Your Social Wall Into a Money Spinner

When you think of a Social Wall or TweetWall, you probably think about live social conversation being displayed on screens, which is fun to interact with - you most likely don’t immediately realise that it could make you money.

Screens grab people’s attention like nothing else (apart from their smart phones) so you’re missing a trick if you aren’t making the most of intertwining some of our money-making features at the same time as inspiring more social conversation and buzz about your event or brand.

We have helped many of our clients find innovative (and often very subtle but effective) ways to increase revenue and/or have their social wall paid for, while continuing to inspire more engagement with their attendees and online audiences, so we thought you might like us to share a few ideas here to give you a taste for what you could do:

Find a Sponsor for Your Social Wall

Ok, this one is probably the most obvious! 

Adding a sponsor’s logo to our social walls is super-easy (you just upload the logo and pick a from a predetermined list of areas to place it). This feature isn’t available with our Basic solution - but you could always include the upgrade to Pro in the price.

To combine a number of sponsor logos, our Pro version also  allows you to upload your own background, so as long as you choose one of our social wall templates, such as Twitter Like, that doesn’t take up the whole screen with messages, you can include as many as you like!

Couleur Café Festival - Sponsored by Stib(Brussels - Belgium) Paris Games Week - Sponsored by Coca Cola(Paris - France)

Interrupt Your Social Wall With Advertisements

The Advertisement feature is included with all of our social walls, and it enables you to interrupt your wall with a full screen image or short video, either on demand, or at set intervals. You can upload multiple Advertisements, which means you have the flexibility of incorporating multiple sponsors, or intersperse advertising with announcements about your event too. 

Highlight Your Sponsor’s Tweets/Messages

Make sure your sponsors grab the audience’s attention each time one of their messages appears on the social wall - you can choose between the profile picture on the message blinking, or the more dramatic white flash where the entire wall flashes as the message appears.

Highlights are again available with all our social walls, even Basic.

Custom Highlights

Like the idea of highlighting messages as they appear but want something a little different? Speak to us about how we can customize the messages to display in a unique way, make them really stand out, or to match your sponsor’s branding. 

Mobile World Congress - Custom Highlights per sponsor (Barcelona - Spain)

Focus on Multiple Sponsors with a Sponsor Loop

We love this feature because it enables event planners to spotlight any number of sponsors, one by one, rotating in a set area of the screen. No more trying to fit them all in the background of your social wall, and then agonizing as to who should go at the top, bottom, or middle - they all get their time in a prime position, and everyone’s happy!

Miami Film Festival - Around 50 sponsors logos in a loop (Miami - Florida - US)

Branded Gamification

If you haven’t taken a look at our Gamification features, then you don’t know what you’re missing!
There’s nothing like a Contest, or Leaderboard, to drive competition and amplify engagement on your social channels. We’re sure your sponsors will love having the additional exposure of their brand alongside the winners!


Pernod Ricard - Branded Contest (Nigeria)

Our Word Cloud, Photo Grid, Hashtag Battle, Voting and other features can also be customized with our Premium solution - just get in touch and we’ll be happy to let you know what we could do for your event.


Lincoln Middle East - Branded Contest (Dubaï - United Arab Emirates)



Do you have some more ideas on how your social wall could make you money? Drop us a line, or have a chat with us today we would love to talk to you about how your social wall, and all it’s features, could make your event a huge success, and even increase your revenue!

See you next time!

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