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Published on September 27th, 2017

Twitter allows you to Tweet up to 280 characters

The biggest change since the begining of Twitter

So, here we are. Twitter is changing drastically its main and historical rule : the 140 characters limit!

If you remember well, Twitter’s 140 characters limit comes from SMS text messaging’s 160 characters limit. Twitter reserves 20 characters for a user handle (@someone) and leaves the rest for the tweet.

This 26th of September 2017, Jack Dorsay announced that the limit is about to change for all as everyone will be able to tweet up to 280 characters.

Do you thing it's a good decision? Let's tweet about this ;-)

How to break the 140 characters limit right now

The new rule is active only for few people. Want to Tweet with 280 characters now ? It's quite simple:
- Install Tampermonkey on Chrome
- Install the following script by clicking on RAW and Install
- Tweet on https://twitter.com

That's it. Enjoy the new Tweet format and express your thoughts in 280 characters.

Don't forget the last year new rules :

  • @names in replies
  • media attachments (like photos, GIFs, videos, and polls)
  • quoted Tweets

are no longer be counted.

SocialWall Pro is supporting the new format

Even the 280 characters limit is still a test rolled out to only few people, here at SocialWall Pro, we've been working to make our templates compatible with the longer Tweets.

If not yet done, create a free account, Tweet with up to 280 characters and enjoy to display your loooooong Tweet on our SocialWall.

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