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Concerts & Festivals

Energize Your Audience

Imagine the excitement when your photos and messages appear on the same screens as your idols, for all to see!

Build the hype and send fans into a frenzy of connecting and sharing on social media, before, during and after the gig, or the whole festival.


See SocialWall Pro in action during Concerts


Build the Hype

Don't miss the chance to keep fans entertained and build the excitement before the performance or between acts. A social wall helps them feel more connected with their favorite artists and with each other. Use it to ask questions, give important announcments, or interrupt it at regular intervals with advertisements (it's a premium space to sell to sponsors).

Create a Buzz for your Artists

Let the electric atmosphere and anticipation spread everywhere backstage too by showing off the social wall in dressing rooms, green rooms and catering areas. Get the artist, their team and the backstage crew pumped up and ready to deliver a knockout performance.... and maybe even post a message or two - we're sure the audience will be far from disappointed!

Keep the Fan Community Alive

You don't need to wait until the event goes live, you can bring the community together beforehand by embedding a social wall "hub" on your website! They will love connecting and sharing on the build up to the event, then coming back to re-live their special moments afterward.

Why use a Social Wall ?


Make attendees part of the show, they WILL talk about you


Create a community around your event and discuss with your attendees event after the show


Reach a wider audience even outside your event


Make your event fun, offer goodies, organize contests,... Attendees will never forget

And now ?

Let's play with SocialWall Pro for free and discover our affordable pricing plans!