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Conferences & Tradeshows

Engage Your Audience

Having their ten seconds of fame on the big screen at your conference or tradeshow motivates your audience to join the event conversation and share it with all their friends and followers.


Transform Q&A sessions and speaker presentations, or generate sponsorship revenue, at the same time as giving your social media goals a huge boost with a social wall.


See SocialWall Pro in action during Conferences and Tradeshows


Let Your Audience Spread The Word About Your Event

People love telling others where they are and showing them what they're up to! By using the event hashtag with their messages and photos, your audience creates a buzz on social, raising awareness of your tradeshow or conference and the products and experiences they enjoy. 

Transform Q&A Presentations

Eliminate the fear that most of us have for public speaking and invite your audience to ask questions or share their thoughts using the social wall. Our moderation tool makes it super-easy to monitor questions and select which ones to display or answer. There's even a tagging feature that helps you organize questions and find them quickly when you need them. With ProTool you'll also have a full report so you can follow up with attendees later.

Engage External Participants

Do you organize hybrid events, or Livestream them via your website to reach people who can't be there in person?  Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to encourage them to join in and make them feel included? Well you can! There's two ways; either embed your social wall on your website, or simply give them a link to the live wall. 

Expand Sponsorship Opportunities

Ever thought about the possibility of your social wall making you money? There's some great opportunities for Promotion and Sponsorship, from integrating sponsor logos, to running advertisements, highlighting specific messages or customizing the wall completely to match their branding.

Why use a Social Wall ?


Let attendees ask questions to speakers and make them part of the conference


By using public social networks, attendees will speak about your event to all their friends even if they are not present


Brand your Social Walls, give visibility to your sponsors and earn money


Make your conference interesting AND fun for a memorable experience

And now ?

Let's play with SocialWall Pro for free and discover our affordable pricing plans!