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Revolutionize Participation

Using a social wall adds a whole other dimension to your meeting, you'll be surprised at the difference it makes.

Whether you keep the conversation private or share it with the world, a social wall opens up the communication between corporate leaders and staff, which can only mean a win, win all round.


See SocialWall Pro in action during corporate Meetings


Try Something a Little Different

Have you ever found business meetings tedious? Slide presentation, figures, graphs and charts and being talked "at" can lead to a room full of disinterested or demotivated people and a lack-luster atmosphere. 

Add a contemporary spin to your meetings with a social wall inviting the audience to join in. When they know they're being listened to, they'll be more attentive and you'll have no problem getting your message across. 

Display the social wall full screen or try one of our Tickers alongside your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation.

Transform Q & A Sessions 

Ever had a burning desire to ask a question or make a comment in a meeting but felt too afraid to speak up? You're not alone - in fact research suggests that around 75% of people suffer from speech anxiety when speaking in public. A social wall breaks down that barrier of fear, allowing your audience free to share their thoughts and questions by typing their messages. 

What's even better is that meeting leaders can use the moderation tools to be selective on what messages or questions are shown, and the Post Event Report (available on ProTool) then makes it super-easy to follow up with attendees directly later. 

Maintain Confidentiality 

When the conversation needs to remain confidential in meeting, it's still possible to benefit from the real-time engagement from a live wall.  With Web or SMS messaging you can maintain a completely private conversation forum.  You can even choose to use anonymous messaging to compel attendees to say what's really on their mind.  

Why use a Social Wall ?


Let attendees asking questions to speakers and make them part of the meeting


Reach a wider audience even outside your event


Make your event fun by offering goodies, organizing contests. Activities that your attendees will never forget!

And now ?

Let's play with SocialWall Pro for free and discover our affordable pricing plans!