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Government & Politics

Break Down Barriers

There's nothing like a social wall to break down barriers, making the audience feel included and like they have a voice.


Whether online or offline, you can get the conversation going and make connections with the people who matter.


See SocialWall Pro in action during Political events


Develop Connections with Constituents

Invite online viewers and constituents to the debate. Show interest and compassion by asking questions and responding to messages in real-time.

Extend Awareness

Raise awareness and generate conversation regarding key policies to broaden your exposure virally and drive support of initiatives.

Gauge Opinion in Contemporary Ways

Use social media to post feedback and give people a say on key issues and policies. With our onscreen voting feature you can poll your audience and share results instantly. 

Why use a Social Wall ?


Let attendees ask questions to speakers and make them part of the decisions


Encourage people to share and debate about their political ideology


Reach a wider audience even outside your event

And now ?

Let's play with SocialWall Pro for free and discover our affordable pricing plans!