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Non Profit

Raise your Profile

It's crucial for non-profits to secure a return on their investments (ROI) and with tight budgets, it can be really challenging to find new ways raise awareness of your mission.

Using a social wall for your campaign, either embedded on your website, or live on screens at events, encourages your audience to share and show how much they care to all their followers, who won't be able to resist joining the conversation and spreading awareness to their friends and followers too.


See SocialWall Pro in action during Non Profit organizations events


Raise Awareness

People love to share things that they care about on social media, and even more so on a social wall (everyone wants their five seconds of fame) and when your audience shares, that means your charity or non-profit has the potential to reach people that could never be reached by other (and often more expensive) forms of marketing.

Inspire Engagement

Get the audience talking about key issues by posting comments and asking questions via your social wall and then enjoy watching the conversation grow as more people show an interest.

Generate Funding Opportunities

Grabbing the audience's attention with messages on the social wall is great, but why not take it a step further by showcasing sponsors in full screen advertisements (video or image) to give your budget a boost at the same time?

Why use a Social Wall ?


Gather people around ideas to make them stronger


Create then increase a community by encourage them to communicate


Reach a wider audience even outside your event


Make your event fun by offering goodies, organizing contests. Activities that your attendees will never forget!

And now ?

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