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Create an interactive Q&A Session with a Question Display

Invite audience participation

How can you get the information you want from your audience? 

Custom built in to your social wall the adjustable Question Display can be used to communicate anything to your audience. Ask them a question, give them a specific call to action and so much more.  

Simply adjust the question in the Live Center then launch or hide it at the touch of a button.

Your audience then posts their responses directly to the social wall!

A few samples:

- What do you think is the biggest trend affecting our industry?

- Which brand of @absolut vodka best describes you?

- Tweet or Instagram your best selfie for a chance to win!

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Case Usage: Symrise Internal Meeting

To elicit feedback from meeting participants, Symrise event organizers used the question display.  Adjusting questions perioidically the meeting organizers prompted the conversation in a number of different ways.

Case Usage: Pernod Ricard - Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka used a question display as part of their brand activation, alongside MTV’s African Music Awards. The display question was then changed every hour to invite different responses. One example was ‘Tweet us a picture of you with your favorite MTV award nominee using #AbsolutMTV.’ It's no wonder their hashtag ended up trending on Twitter. 

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Create multiple questions in advance, so that you can utilize the best ones as the conversation unfolds in your seminars, meetings or conferences.


Create questions that promote your brand, such as "What is your favorite feature about the new phone?". Then let your audience advertise the benefits of your products to all their friends and followers on social media.