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Enhance your Panel Discussion with a Sliding Panel

Seamlessly direct your audience

Commonly used in discussion forums and company meetings, the Sliding Panel is an effective tool to steer the conversation and communicate directly with your audience.

Accessed directly in the Live Center, speakers or leaders post questions and comments in the panel, inciting increased audience engagement.

The Sliding Panel is also effective for displaying sponsor logos - one of our clients even used it to spotlight designers alongside the catwalk as models paraded their designs.

Cambridge Style Week social wall with discussion panel from SocialWall Pro


Our design team will make sure this custom feature is optimised to look great whether it's hidden, or activated with your social message display.

Contact us today to find out how you could use this feature at your next event. 


Case Usage: Financial Institution Internal Meeting

When a leading financial instiution wanted to drive audience participation, they requested the integration of a sliding panel. Their sliding panel included a text field for directing the audience and integrated three diffferent photos of their leadership moderators showing who was interacting with them. 

Case Usage: Cambridge Style Week

When Cambridge Style Week integrated a social wall into their fashion shows, they wanted a way to feature the designer as well as describe the line of clothing, as the models walked the runway! A custom sliding panel did just the trick. In the back end logos and the relevant text were updated and launched on demand. 

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Creative spark

Seamlessly incorporate pictures of moderators/speakers and let them post comments in a custom sliding panel of your live social feed for a live Twitter Chat!


Plan questions in advance of your event so you can be ready to launch content for optimum impact.